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Welcome New Year's day. To celebrate the New Year

Open s the moon and sun, heaven and earth and a spring in this year comes, I, on behalf of the company shareholders, on behalf of the company's leadership to the various positions in the company hard work of all employees and their families, to the long-term concern and support the development of the company leaders at all levels, to business partners and friends from all walks of life, the most sincere greetings and heartfelt blessing. I wish you a happy New Year, good health and good luck in everything!
In the New Year, the company has a heavy task, only to continue to forge ahead and strive for efficiency, otherwise the boat is sailing against the current, do not advance or retreat. We will continue to improve our financial system and reduce costs. As the company's first civil products are entering the market, we will continue to develop new types of stable platform, form a corresponding type of foreign products, through service and price advantage to occupy the domestic market; The high-speed photography project has reached the critical stage of PK, whether it can win the fruits of victory still needs us to continue to work hard, can not relax a bit; Whether the detection project can enter into the product research and development stage, we need technical breakthrough, we can stand out; The camera project has reached the critical stage of whether it can be settled or not. This is a project that can bring great benefits in the short term and is worth a shot. We have reached a consensus on the pod project that we have started, which is the first step for us to develop a series of pod projects, so the time of this project is the first. Scanning eagle, multi-spectral camera and other projects to unremitting completion, whether it can become a product, requires the wisdom and dedication of all staff.
Every step taken by the company cannot be separated from the hard work of everyone. Judging from our workload in the New Year, our work is full of overtime. At the same time, we hope that everyone can spare precious time to exercise. I firmly believe that as long as all the staff work with one heart and one mind, with the good policies of the country and the care and support of leaders at all levels, we will be able to complete the tasks in 2019. Finally, on behalf of the company's management, I once again wish all employees, leaders at all levels who care about and support ruishi company, friends from all walks of life good health, happy family and successful career.