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What is the difference between a three-axis gyroscope and Steincong?

  What is the difference between a three-axis gyroscope and Steincong?

In fact, the biggest difference between hand-held gyro stabilizer and Stan Nikon should be the adaptability and use of the device. The general load-bearing stabilizer is relatively limited, and only a single type of small-scale shooting device can support at most the weight of RED. The two hands hold, but it is also the characteristics of its small size and flexibility to provide the possibility of operating in a small space. In the process of transmission, the screen can still remain stable. Of course, the merits are due to the fact that the electronic control system adopts higher accuracy and more extensibility. These are things that Steadicam cannot match.


  Stan Nikon now has many types. From the one-hand grip to the large-scale Stan Nikon with a load-bearing vest used in professional fields, the choice of the surface is very wide, and the user's requirements are higher. As a highly human-machine combined machine Whether to use the device to play more space or perform in a human performance, unlike electronic stabilizers, it is only necessary to focus on the screen and the focus. It requires a lot of practice to use freely, and of course it also brings more Play space.