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Industry application

Imaging tracking system
Industry application:
 target reconnaissance, forensics
It is equipped with small fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, vehicles, ships and other carriers to perform real-time reconnaissance and monitoring on the visible range, and can lock and track interest targets, enabling full-time video real-time recording.
Power inspection line
It is mounted on small fixed-wing UAVs and multi-rotor UAVs to inspect the overhead transmission line main body and ancillary facilities, and can also be used for small-area channel inspections. The pin target can be clearly distinguished from the captured image, and the target outline is clearly distinguishable. The infrared camera can detect the wear and tear of the line and eliminate safety hazards.
 forest fire prevention
It is mounted on a small fixed-wing UAV and a multi-rotor UAV to perform patrol inspection on the monitoring area. It can perform regional temperature measurement and can perform high-temperature warning to prevent fire. Accurately locate the fire point when the fire occurs, providing a basis for formulating a fire fighting plan.
 public security inspection
It is equipped with small fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, vehicles, and fixed monitoring sites to monitor or patrol the surveillance area to lock, track, or quickly point suspicious targets to a given location.