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Industry application

Large area aerial photography system industry application
 Emergency response, rapid image production
When a disaster occurs, the drone is equipped with a large-format aerial camera system to quickly fly to the disaster area to carry out aerial photography. The aerial image can be quickly transmitted to the ground through the drone transmission system. The camera integrates the POS system, which can be used at no control points or rare control points. The image data returned will be used to quickly produce stereoscopic images of the disaster area, which will guide the disaster site monitoring, secondary disaster prevention and rapid disaster relief work.
 Geographic mapping
The camera integrates POS system and three-axis stable platform. It can be equipped with UAVs for surveying and mapping operations. It can quickly produce high-precision DOM, DEM, DSM and other operational data without control points or rare control points. It is used for national monitoring, geography and national construction. Planning and other data resources
 Target reconnaissance and rapid positioning
The camera has a large field of view and high efficiency. It can quickly reconcile large areas, recursive images, and combine camera-integrated POS system data to quickly splicing images of reconnaissance areas and provide accurate position information of interest targets in the area.
(The "positioning and positioning system in real time" is removed in the figure)