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About us

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Company philosophy

Corporate purpose:
Give full play to Changguang's scientific and technological advantages in the field of precision optical instruments and equipment. With the help of the basic conditions of long-light research, promote independent innovation, accelerate the industrialization process, and make important contributions to the development of precision optical technology and instrumentation and equipment industry with independent intellectual property rights. contribution.
Company philosophy:
It is market-oriented, driven by cutting-edge technology to promote innovation for all employees, and is listed as one of the first targets in the international community. It adheres to the strict and standardized management of the entire process of planning, design, development, and after-sale, and provides users with first-class products and services.
Company positioning:
For the optical imaging field, based on the aviation remote sensing industry, market-oriented, using its own technology to continuously develop high-end optoelectronic products, R & D, production and services into one, ranks among the international advanced.