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Industry application

Application of triaxial stabilization platform (airborne laser radar)

  Eye laser science and technology, independent development of airborne laser radar system, main is to use the aircraft platform of scanning by laser radar system to obtain high accuracy point cloud data, the laser radar emitted by a laser pulse can produce echo many times, can penetrate the reflectance of vegetation to the surface for high-definition video. Due to aircraft in flight by the vibration of air, the plane itself, such as impact caused the attitude changes affect the point cloud density, in order to ensure the airborne laser radar in airborne environment in the process of scanning imaging attitude stability, improve the quality of imaging image, with the company's RS - M200 three-axis stabilized platform, compensation aircraft attitude changes to guarantee the stability of laser radar profile. On April 18, 2018, an aviation training base in chengdu was carried out flight verification test of the airborne laser radar plus the triaxial stability platform. The actual installation condition is shown in figure 1.




FIG. 1 installation of an airborne laser radar with a triaxial stabilization platform

   Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) platform controlled by the automatic flight control all the way, during the whole flight is smooth, velocity changes little, point cloud data is more uniform, but still can have obvious uneven sparse, as shown in figure 2.


Figure 2 data obtained by the laser radar on the uav flight platform

(skyeye laser technology provides)

Manned helicopter flight speed and in the process of attitude affects obviously controlled by the pilot experience and air flow, easy to appear larger fluctuation, especially line turn region is particularly serious, uneven point cloud is widespread, as shown in figure 3.


Figure 3. Data obtained by the laser radar in the manned helicopter

  Manned helicopter airborne laser radar with a three-axis stabilized platform, stabilized platform compensation aircraft attitude changes obviously, dramatically improve uniformity of point cloud data obtained, as shown in figure 4.


Figure 4. Point cloud data obtained by a helicopter laser radar mounted on a triaxial stabilized platform

(skyeye laser technology provides)