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Changguang Ruishi 2018 annual public open recruitment information is as follows:

hardware engineer:

Job Responsibilities:
1. responsible for hardware requirements analysis, design, coding, simulation verification;
2. write and organize technical documents;
3. product debugging, maintenance and field technical support.
1. electronic related professional, master's degree or above;
2. familiar with the design method and development flow of digital circuits, proficient in at least one or more embedded development platforms based on MCU, DSP, ARM, or FPGA (Xilinx);
3. familiar with common IO interface technology (RS232422I2CSPI, etc.) and related peripheral hardware circuit;
4. master Cadence or Altium Designer, familiar with the schematic and PCB Layout;
5. good English reading ability.

servo Control Engineer:

job Responsibilities:
responsible for product hardware design, software development, system integration and other work.
job Requirements:
1. mechanical and electrical related professional, master's degree or above;
2. with the basic knowledge of motor servo drive control;
3. with hardware circuit design experience;
4. with motor servo drive control of professional skills;
5. relevant engineering experience is preferred.

mechanical Design Engineer:

job Responsibilities:
1. tesponsible for the overall design of the product mechanical structure, the design of parts drawings and the preparation of technical documents;
2. mechanical processing, assembly and test process technical problems.
1. major in mechanical design and manufacturing, master degree or above;
2. skilled in CAD drawing software and three-dimensional graphics software (such as UG);
3. familiar with common materials molding technology, with a certain degree of process knowledge;
4. understand the commonly used structural mechanics, thermodynamic analysis software.
5. relevant engineering experience is preferred.

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